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Sustainable craft bag


Even fashion bet on eco-sustainability. It's witnessed by creations presented in Milan fashion week, unique pieces totally crafts, made at low environmental inpact and respectful of the dignity of people who made them.


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The house in hemp and lime Aldo Cibic and Equilibrium

As you may attach an environmentally friendly material to a standard of living quality, good looking and comfortable? We are asked this question Equilibrium, Lombard that has invested in Biomattone in Natural Beton , and the architect Aldo Cibic, together with Thomas Cora and collaboration of Michael Cecchetto. The result was the project "Fostering a house" presented at Made Expo 2012 in Milan, the leading event for the construction sector, which in Green Home Design has created a true home biocompatible with zero emissions wood, lime and hemp 70 sqm . What is in this idea of green and eco-friendly green building ?

As the first question is important to understand what differentiates a Biomattone in lime and hemp from the traditional one: "The material provides energy savings for the heating and cooling: Biomattone makes it possible to keep out and not to disperse the heat, adjusting the humidity, preventing the formation of mold, water vapor sanificando " says Andrea Polvara , Head of Lombardy and Ticino for Equilibrium.
There is then the sound insulation and a factor that you can not forget when it comes to organic materials: recyclable, and frantumandolo reimpastandolo with water and lime, and biodegradable, ie at the end of life can be returned to the ecosystem of the same elements without creating pollution. In short, you can save energy and at the same time live in a housing solution that respects the environment.
We must point out that this is not a foreign material ecosystem Italian: "We were the second country in the world hemp production in quantity and quality - remember Thomas Cora - then we say that is an old national tradition restored to its original splendor after 50 years. It was a major production of the agricultural sector, which was lost after the industrial conversion of the country, but now we can re-evaluate aspects of historical material, and take advantage of the performance that are required in the contemporary world " . We are faced with a new way of conceiving the ' biological home , he wants to put in place the potential of modern standards. The house made ​​of hemp would then this spell: use a material completely green but managed in a modern way.
An expansion project, which has found fertile ground in the field of green building, a sector in constant transformation, using innovative materials, backed by an Italian story, combining sustainable architecture in the process: "The raw material is retrieved in Italy and France , then is mixed in Bergamo, in a facility that was a former cement plant, which has converted to Biomattone Equilibrium - says Andrea Polvara - In Italy we have 15 shipyards closed, and at least 9 others who are about to leave, all the national territory excluding two in Switzerland " .

Credits: Photographs Francesco de Luca

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 Bio Italy


Tomato made in Italy

In Sardinia, the most 'green building big pole in Italy

CAGLIARI - The district Editerra born within the Polo production for Green building 'La Casa Verde Co2.0' formed by the companies working in the sector and district plans in which even intangible wealth such as the exchange of expertise and research shared. It 's the most important grouping of green building made ​​in Italy, with more than 400 types of materials produced, they are not assisted by the State and has been designed and built without any funding of public money, taking advantage of the wealth of intangible resources from the knowledge of the business community and in close collaboration with research centers, universities, institutions and associations, including UNESCO, Slow Food and the Scientific Committee of Casa Verde Co2.0. In fact, the production is zero km, from local raw materials to the finished product. "philosophy of our group is inspired by the Blue Economy - said Giampietro Tronci, environmental engineer who led the project that won today in Rome - The materials in most of 'one become a resource for others and all this with zero consumption of agriculture, landscape and water resources. " The same fiber material clay Editerra also built ultra light thermal containers for preserving fresh foods without electricity and temperature. These new inventions will be included in the top ten innovative packaging to the Packaging Trade Fair in Paris in November.

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 Made in Abruzzo

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